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KBC 7-Episode 11 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 28/09 – Episode 11 Q. Which of these places of worship is also called as “Girza Ghar”? A. Church B. Gurudwara C. Masjid D. Jain Mandir Ans. A. Church Q1. Which country’s National Anthem has different lyrics for each of the country’s four official languages – French, German, Italian, and Romansh? A. […]

KBC 7-Episode 10 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 27/09 – Episode 10 Q. Which character created by Sarat chandra Chattoupadhay pines for Paro’s love? A. Girish B. Chunilal C. Shekhar D. Devdas Ans. D. Devdas Q1. According to the Ramayana, whom did Raja Bhagirath request to reduce the flow of Ganga when she arrives on Earth? A. Shiva B. Himalaya […]

KBC 7-Episode 9 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 22/09 – Episode 9 Q: Out of these, which is not the initial of any of the past Prime ministers? A. VP B. HD C. IK D. LK Ans. D. LK Q1. Boal, Tengra and Magur are all species of which marine creature? A. Prawns B. Fish C. Crabs D. Turtles Ans. […]

KBC 7-Episode 8 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 21/09 – Episode 8 Q. Out of these games name the Match which can be won by an Innings? A. Football B. Badminton C. Cricket D. Kabaddi Ans. C. Cricket Q1. Which of these cricketers is credited with the invention of the doosra? A. Harbhajan Singh B. Muttiah Muralitharan C. Saqlain Mushtaq […]