KBC 7-Episode 16 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 12/10 – Episode 16
Q. In Film ‘Mr. India’ Mr. India can be seen in which colour?
A. Green B. Red C. Yellow D. Blue
Ans. B. Red
Q1. Which of these birds has the largest eyes?
A. Hawk B. Penguin C. Vulture D. Ostrich
Ans. D. Ostrich
Q2. Which of these plants does not prepare its food through photosynthesis?
A. Cactus B. Money Plant C. Cotton Plant D. Mushroom
Ans. D. Mushroom
Q3. Which of these international level sportswomen can be termed a ‘dhanurdhar’?
A. Krishna Poonia B. Anjali Bhagwat C. Deepika Kumari D. Jwala Gutta
Ans. C. Deepika Kumari
Q4. Which leader gave the landmark speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ towards midnight on 14 Aug 1947?
A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Lord Mountbatten C. Dr Rajendra Prasad D. Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans. D. Jawaharlal Nehru

Fastest Finger First Questions

Q1. Arrange these details of a postal address in the order in which they are normally written on a letter
A. Street Name B. name C. Pincode D. City

Q3. Starting from the earliest, arrange these systems of communication in the order in which they were first launched in India
A. Telegraph B. 4G Service C. Mobile Phone D. Landline Telephone
Q5. Which of these ingredients must be present in ‘lassi’ , ‘mattha’ and ‘chaach’?
A. Besan B. Dahi C. Lemon D. Sugar
Ans. B. Dahi
Q6. On Facebook, which of these buttons is denoted by a ‘thumbs up’ symbol?
A. News Feed B. Status C. Poke D. Like
Ans. D. Like
Q7. Ram Charan Teja, who made his Hindi film debut with ‘Zanjeer’, is the son of which actor?
A. Chiranjeevi B. Mammootty C. Arvind Swamy D. Nagarjuna
Ans. A. Chiranjeevi
Q8. Presidency University, Kolkata, will introduce a new course from 2014 on which of these subjects?
A. IPL B. 3 Idiots (the film) C. Corruption D. Love
Ans. D. Love
Q9. A species of which of these birds is the fastest while swimming underwater?
A. Puffin B. Kiwi C. Penguin D. Emu
Ans. C. Penguin
Q10. Which river, a headstream of Ganga, flows by the Badrinath Shrine?
A. Dhauliganga B. Bhagirathi C. Mandakini D. Alakananda
Ans. D. Alakananda
Q11. How do we better know Jorge Mario Bergoglio who came to prominence in March 2013?
A. Pope Francis B. Pope Benedict C. Pope Pius D. Pope John
Ans. A. Pope Francis
Q12. Who gave the title ‘Flying Sikh’ to the great athlete Milkha Singh?
A. Abdul Hafeez Kardar B. Gen Ayub Khan C. Major Dhyan Chand D. Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans. B. Gen Ayub Khan
Q13. According to the Rigveda, to which god does the sun hand over his effulgence in the evening and take it back in the morning?
A. Indra B. Varuna C. Agni D. Vayu
Ans. C. Agni
Q14. Who was the first child in the world to be born via the In Vitro Fertilization or IVF method?
A. Elizabeth Carr B. Hilary Koprowski C. Licia Zarata D. Louise Brown
Ans. D. Louise Brown
Q15. In which of these states have both father and daughter served as chief minister?
A. Goa B. Assam C. Jammu and Kashmir D. Punjab
Ans. A. Goa
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