KBC 7-Episode 14 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 06/10 – Episode 14
Q. At the start of a chess game, which piece is placed at all the four corners of the chess board?

A. Rook B. Pawn C. Queen D. King

Ans. A. Rook

Q1. Which of these Mughal emperors was imprisoned by his own son?

A. Akbar B. Jahangir C. Aurangzeb D. Shahjahan

Ans. D. Shahjahan

Q2. Shahtoss is the name of shawl, of which animal hair this is made?

A. Merino B. Angora C. Chiru D. Pashmina

Ans. C. Chiru

Q3. Which of this Chief Minister was a high court judge before entering active politics?

A. Vijay Bahuguna B. Manohar Parikar C. Prithviraj Chauhan D. Vir Bhadra Singh

Ans. A. Vijay Bahuguna

Q4. Which of these leads to excessive rains?

A. Volcanic Eruptions B. Cloud Burst C. Tidal waves D. Earthquake

Ans. B. Cloud Burst

Q5. With Which TV anchor would you most associate the phrase “The nation wants to know”?

A. Barkha Dutt B. Rajdeep Sardesai C. Arnab Goswami D. Vikram Chandra

Ans. C. Arnab Goswami

Q6. In 2013, Which film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars?

A. The Lunchbox B. The Good RoadC. Ship of Theseus D. Lootera

Ans. B. The Good Road

Q7. The brow-antlered deer, found mainly in Manipur, is known as what in the local language?

A. Krishna Mriga B. Jinka C. Markhor D. Sangai

Ans. D. Sangai

Q8. In whose honour did the United Nations celebrate 5 September 2013 as the first International Day of Charity?

A. Nelson Mandela B. Princess Diana C. Mother Teresa D. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ans. C. Mother Teresa

Q9. Which of these cricketers has the distinction of claiming a wicket on the very first ball that he bowled in ODIs?

A. Ravinder Jadeja B. Ishant Sharma C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar D. Umesh Yadav

Ans. C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

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