KBC 7-Episode 13 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 05/10 – Episode 13

Q. According to Hindu Mythology, which of these was a brother of God Krishna?

A. Ram B. Balram C. Arjun D. Parsuram

Ans. B. Balram

Fastest Finger First Questions
Q1. Starting from the first, arrange these occasions in the order in which they are celebrated annually, in India, according to the western calendar

A. Teacher’s Day B. Valentine’s Day C. Children’s Day D. New Year’s Day


Q2. Arrange the following names as they would appear in a Hindi dictionary?

A. Chitrangada B. Parineeti C. Kangana D. Yami


Q3. Arrange these tourist attractions in order from west to east

A. Mahabodhi Temple B. Hawa Mahal C. Howrah Bridge D. Gwalior Fort


Q1. Which of these food preparations is the standard accompaniment with ‘litti’?

A. Kulcha B. Chhola C. Chokha D. Kachori

Ans. C. Chokha

Q2. Which of these phrases means ‘feeling very angry’?

A. Nak Bahna B. Paseena tapakna C. Ansu Bahna D. Khun Kholna

Ans. D. Khun Kholna

Q3. According to the Bhagavad Gita, which of these cannot be cut by a weapon, burnt by fire, dissolved by water or dried with air?

A. Aatma B. Yasha C. Dhan D. Yog

Ans. A. Aatma

Q4. Which of these treatments causes hair loss?

A. Chemotherapy B. Virotherapy C. Speleotherapy D. Physiotherapy

Ans. A. Chemotherapy

Q5. Which of these rivers origination in India and joins the Ganges in Bangladesh?

A. Bagmati B. Damodar C. Mahananda D. Son

Ans.: C. Mahananda

Q6. Who is the first captain to win all the ICC Trophies World T20, World Cup and Championship Trophy?

A. Kumar Sangakkara B. Ricky Ponting C. Graema Smith D. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Ans. D. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q7. The United Nations has adopted 2013 as the International Year of which food?

A. Millet B. Quinoa C. Bajra D. Oat

Ans. B. Quinoa

Q8. Which team first won the Durand Cup football tournament in 1940 and most recently, 2013?

A. East Bengal Club B. Mohun Bagan C. Dempo Sports Club D. Mohammedan Sporting

Ans. D. Mohammedan Sporting

Fastest Finger First Questions
Q1. Arrange these Hindi phrases from top to bottom according to the human body parts mentioned in them.

A. Haath Uthhana B. Zubaan Chalana C. Matha Phodna D. Pair Pakadna


Q2. Starting with the lightest, arrange these weights in the increasing order

A: One Gram B. One Quintal C. One Kilogram D. One Metric Tonne


Q3. Starting with the earliest, arrange these films directed by Karan Johar in order of their release

A. Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham B. My Name is khan C. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai D. Student of the year


Q9. Tandoori, Khasta and Missi are all types of what?

A. Dal B. Rice C. Roti D. Vegatables

Ans. C. Roti

Q10. Which of these is true about a leap year?

A. Has only 28 days in February B. Has 366 days in a year C. All months have 30 days D. Has only 365 days in a year

Ans. B. Has 366 days in a year

Q11. Which of these animals is depicted in a zodiac sign?

A. Octopus B. Turtle C. Spider D. Crab

Ans. D. Crab

Q12. The diseases of which kind of animals are described in ‘Hastayurveda’, a book related to animal diseases?

A. Elephants B. Cows C. camels D. Goats

Ans. A. Elephants

Q13. Which team won the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League?

A. Hyderabad Hotshots B. Awadhe Warriors C. Pune Pistons D. Mumbai Masters

Ans. A. Hyderabad Hotshots

Jackpot Question

Q. Which city is the capital of Kenya?

A. Mombassa B. Nairobi C. Kampala D. Addis Ababa

Ans. B. Nairobi

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