KBC 7-Episode 12 Questions with Answers

GBBJ Question on 04/10 – Episode 12

Q. In which of these films is the hero a singer?
A. Chasme Badoor B. Aashiqui 2 C. Lootera D. Murder 3

Ans. B. Aashiqui 2

Q1. On which book is the film “Kai Po Che” based on?

A. Two States, B. Three Mistakes of My Life C. Five Point Someone D. One Night at Call Center

Ans. B. Three mistakes of my life.

Q2. Thailand’s Ratchanok Intanon became the youngest women’s singles winner in the World Championship of which sports in August 2013?

A. Badminton B. Squash C. Table tennis D. Polo

Ans. A. Badminton

Q3. The parents of which of these presidents were former prime minsters of the same country?

A. Park Guen-Hye B. Chandrika Kumartunga C. Dilma roseph D. Magawato Sukarnoputro.

Ans. B. Chandrika Kumartunga

Q4. According to 2011 census, which state in India has the lowest population density?

A. Sikkim, B. Mizoram C. Arunachal Pradesh D. Nagaland.

Ans. C. Arunachal Pradesh

Q5. Who served as the backup cosmonaut for Rakesh Sharma on the Soyuz T-11 mission, which launched the first Indian into space?

A. Nivedita Bahsin, B. Trilochan Singh Brar C. Ravish Malhotra D. Kamlesh Lulla.

Ans. C. Ravish Malhotra

Fastest Finger First Questions
Q1. Arrange these everyday circular objects according to increasing size of their circumference.

A. Cycle Tyre B. Wedding Ring C. Food Thali D. Bangle


Q2. Arrange these lines from one of Gandhiji’s favorite Bhajans in order

A. Tene Kahiye Je, B. Vaishnava Jana toh C. Peer parai D. Jane Re


Q3. Arrange these countries from north to south.

A. Sri Lanka B. Russia C. China D. India


Q6. To do which of these activities is a ‘bawarchi’ employed at a house?

A. Stitch clothes B. Teach the children C. Guard the house D. Cook food

Ans. D. Cook food

Q7. In India, on the back of which of these cards would you find a magnetic strip?

A. PAN Card B. Voter Identity Card C. ATM Card D. Ration Card

Ans. C. ATM Card

Q8. Which search engine has a button that says “I’m feeling Lucky?

A. Bing B. Google C. Yahoo! D. Wikipedia

Ans. B. Google

Q9. Which Pakistani team played in the 2013 Champions League T20?

A. Karachi Dolphins B. Lahore Lions C. Faisalabad Wolves D. Hyderabad Hawks

Ans. C. Faisalabad Wolves

Q10. The shell of a hen’s egg is mainly made of which of these substances?

A. Calcium Carbonate B. Sodium Hydroxide C. Phosphoric Acid D. Sodium Chloride

Ans. A. Calcium carbonate

Q11. Which of these neighboring countries of India is the smallest in terms of area?

A. Myanmar B. BhutanC. Nepal D. Sri Lanka

Ans. B. Bhutan

Q12. Which of these personalities was not born in India?

A. Omar Abdullah B. Naveen Patnaik C. Naveen Jindal D. Rahul Gandhi.

Ans. A. Omar Abdullah

Q13. In mythology, which son of Yayati exchanged his youth for his father’s old age?

A. Yadu B. Puru C. Turvasu D. Druhyu

Ans. B. Puru

Q14. Which company topped the 2013 list of Fortune 500 companies?

A. Apple B. Wal-Mart Stores C. ExxonMobil D. General Electric

Ans. B. Wal-Mart Stores

Q15. Who wrote the lyrics of the Ghazal ‘Chupke Chupke Raat Din Aansoo Bahana Yaad Hai”?
A. Hasrat Mohani B. Hasrat Jaipuri C. Faiz Ahmad Faiz D. Qamar Jalalabadi.

Ans. A. Hasrat Mohani

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